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This poor girl got fired from her work and doesn’t have any money to make rent, so she takes a desperate decision and sneaks into her next door neighbor’s home, wearing a black bodysuit and ski mask to cover her face! The sexy female cat burglar crawls into the bedroom and takes the man’s wallet from his bedside table and she always makes a perfect getaway, but she gets greedy and decides to take some jewelry from a drawer as well! Too bad for her, the man of the house woke up, and caught her off guard! As he pushes his body against her own, she can feel a huge throbbing bulge between her legs, pressed hard against her tight ass. Looks like she’s giving her captor one hell of a hard-on! Thinking fast on her knees and knowing her neighbor is a horny man whore, she plays her card, hoping this will get her a chance to escape! She rubs his morning wood with her gloved hands and drops to her knees, ready to suck and fuck her way out of having to face the cops and have her identity exposed! Her neighbor’s dick is huge, she had no idea, but she loves deepthroating his marvelous erection! He gets quite rough, forcing her face against his crotch, making her gag and choke on his hard cock. That’s okay, she likes it, actually, she loves it! She gets rough on his cock too, jerking it as he tosses her unto the bed in the guest room, down on all fours, ripping her body stocking at the crotch and exposing her bubble shaped ass and already dripping wet pussy! Holding her wrists behind the small of her back, he rams his huge cock deep inside her tight pussy and fucks her the hardest and roughest she has ever been fucked. This sexy burglar bets his wife would be jealous if she would wake up and see her husband fucking an unknown girl burglar this way! The man rips her sexy black bodysuit and grabs her naked tits with both hands, continuing to pound his cock in and out from her wet pussy. Curious, he rolls up her mask and discovers she’s his hot next door neighbor, kinky! He pushes her to the bed, spreads her legs wide and rams his big throbbing cock deep into her vagina. With her legs almost behind her shoulders she can feel as it reaches the deepest regions of her belly. He enjoys fucking her young tight pussy, rips her burglar suit more and looking over her sexy body he stuffs her pretty mouth with his hard cock again. Then, completely naked, she rides his cock while his wife wakes up in their bedroom! But this guy just doesn’t stop, he keeps going faster and faster, deeper and deeper into this tight teen pussy! He just wants to cum all over her face and mouth! He doesn’t pay any attention to his wife when she entres and sees him shooting his cum load on some girl’s face! She and his wife cross paths while she walking out wearing only her burglar mask.


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