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Jordi has a big test and he’s not ready for it at all, instead of studying, he spend the whole night masturbating to online porn, so he’s trying to get out of it by claiming to be sick. Thing is, his teacher is not buying it. She takes him to the nurse’s office, a ravishing hot blond that tells him to take of his shirt while the teacher locks the door. Jordi realizes this isn’t your normal nurse’s appointment! The teacher makes him stand, gets behind him, pulls his jeans down and begins rubbing his throbbing member over his white cotton boxers. Having two women who looked as good as and as hot as did these babes, anyone would have a permanent erection, too. Jordi has obviously been busted lying about being sick to get off the test, still, this is so much better than actually having to do it! The nurse unbuttons her overall, showing off beautiful lace lingerie and stockings and removes her panties as the teacher puts the boy on his knees so he can examine the nurse’s wet cunt with his tongue! The nurse lowers her hungry pussy to his waiting mouth. As his tongue makes it’s first contact on her clit and she moans “Oh, oh that is good!” the teacher reaches up under her skirt, pulls her panties off, and drops them on the floor beside them. Looks like the naughty teacher and the nurse have found an alternative way to test him! Are you addicted to eating pussy, and to you there is nothing sweeter then a pussy? You will love this femdom (female domination) cunilingus scene! The girls take turns making the kid lick them, rubbing their wet twats all over his face, fucking themselves with his tongue. The exam is totally forgotten. The action in the room here is much more interesting. They suck and stroke his big throbbing erection together. “We are going to suck your cock and fuck you until you make us cum! Do you understand?” He nods his head vigorously. They make Jordi lie down and the nurse straddles herself on his lap, grabbing his hard cock and stuffing her wet pussy with it while the teacher sits on his face so he can eat her out while they both ride him! This school nurse is so fuckin sexy and her cock riding skills are absolutely amazing! Her moans are getting louder, she is moving her hips and pushing into him, moving harder and faster, up and down and side to side, thrusting down onto his young hard cock and pressing her clit against his balls. He is eagerly thrusting up to meet her as she rides him hard. Meanwhile his sexy teacher rides his face, making the schoolboy fuck her twat with his tongue. The teacher gets down on her hands and knees and the nurse spits on his cock to lube it up as he fucks her doggie style from behind. While getting fucked, she eats out the nurse’s wet snatch. The boy tries his best to please the mature woman. His huge, hard, thick dick is pounding her so forcefully that his teacher could hardly breathe each time his entire ten inches ram balls deep into her pussy from behind. He is a skinny guy with innocent look but his cock rivals some of the biggest and best in the world.


The nurse spreads her legs and gets fucked missionary style by Jordi while the teacher plays with her big tits and watches them fucking. She rubs the nurse’s cunt while he is plowing her and sits on her face so she can eat her out. This boy knows how to get a better grade! “Oh yes! Right there! Oh yeeaah! I’m cuuuuming!” she screams. He keeps pumping their dripping wet pussies with his big hard cock and watching them have hot lesbian sex with each other and playing with their big tits and juicy bubble butts until he’s ready to cum, blowing wads of hot and creamy cum all over the sexy teacher and the slutty nurse! In a moment they are lapping his cum up off of the floor and off his huge cock. From now on Jordi is taking all his tests at the nurse’s office! Don’t forget to download this amazing porn and more sex adventures of this kid.


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