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Both sluts wanted my dick and I proposed the girls to share it in a threesome! I put them both in bed and started fucking their pussies from behind, moving from one wet cunt to the other wet hole, the girls looked so fucking turned on! My girl got on top of my stepsister so I could take turns fucking them both from behind. The girls were having hot lesbian sex with each other, kissing and fondling! The girls were playing with each others breasts and kissing each other passionately. My crazy step sister played with my stepsister’s tits while I fucked her wet cunt. The naked girls were riding my cock, sucking me, cumming in turn. My step sister was the first to cum. She erupted in a violent orgasm as I furiously fucked her cunt. I moved over to my girl and soon had her cumming as well. Finally I blew my load all over them! The naked girls grabbed my cum-covered cock and began licking it clean, tasting the creamy cum, kissing and licking my cum off each other’s faces! We spent the entire weekend fucking together and now they get along great!


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